Regency Health

Medical Development Corporation Partnering with Physicians to develop the following:

            Endoscopy Centers

            Ambulatory Surgery Center

            Cardiovascular Centers

            Neurology Center & Sleep

            Imaging Centers

            Oncology Centers


Regency Health is wholly owned subsidiary of Ansara Holding Corporation, Inc.  The company is Florida Corporation and privately held and celebrated 5th anniversary in 2005.  The headquarters office is located in Orlando, Florida.


Regency Holding developed a model for three specialty ambulatory surgery centers in partnership with physicians specializing in the area of Gastroentrology, Cardiology, Maternal Fetal Medicine, General Surgery and Radiology.  


The idea is to create an opportunity for the patients for a one-stop shop for diagnostic services.  Our goal is to provide low cost and high quality surgical procedures to fast number of the populations.  Consistency and performance are the key for high yield, affordable healthcare, and that is our goals.


The cost of performing surgical and diagnostic procedures in these facilities is 25% more economical than hospitals.  The performance of Surgeons in our model is 30% higher than hospital setting based on published information by the leading outpatient surgical facilities. 


The facility is designed to grow as medical facility based on outpatient population and demographic trends.  Today in the United States, approximately 72% of surgical procedures are performed on an outpatient basis and are expected to increase to more than 80% in the coming years.


The model is designed for efficiency which contain approximately 12,000 Square Feet of space that is divided as follows:

            Gastroentrology                      4,000 SF

            Cardiology                              3,500 SF

            Imaging Center                       4,000 SF


Gastroentrology Section:


Colonscopy, upper endoscopy, liver biopsy, esophageal dilation, etc.


Cardiovascular services:


            Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging, echocardiogram with flow Doppler, or ultrasound, nuclear treadmill, exercise test or nuclear angiogram, standard treadmill exercise test, ultrafast computerized tomography







We believe that we created a cost-efficient operating environment by eliminating layers of repeated administrative staff, centralization of most of diagnostic procedures under one roof, and comfort to patients.


Regency Health

We are dedicated to providing high-tech facilities turn key that meet the ever-changing construction and design needs of the medical industry.  We will provide development, design and construction services for healthcare facilities as a turn-key including equipments, training program, manuals and procedures, and assist in obtaining financing.


 We will provide the following:

 Full architecture design including engineering planning phase

 Preliminary floor plan blueprints and elevations

 Determine land and construction requirements

 Budget and full cash flow analysis

 Equipment acquisition plan

             .           Staffing requirement and job description

             .           Identify market needs and feasibility analysis

             .           Assisting in obtaining preliminary approvals  

             .           Projection operating pro forma

             .           Design a private placement memorandum

             .           Time schedule for project development  


Ambulatory surgical centers


 Ambulatory surgery centers continue to play an increasing important role in today¬ís healthcare industry.   

 There is a growing demand for out-patient surgery by most insurance companies, and patients.   

 This demand in the presence of the new STARK laws requires a logical and new strategy to build-out these facilities with very economical yet efficient facilities.  

Community Hospital Facilities


 Renovated or building new community hospitals ( up to 120 beds) are the keys to deliver a sound healthcare system.   

 New satellite facilities, and replacement for an aging hospital is an art that most large size companies can not deliver at a budget cost.   

 Our architect and engineers has an extensive experience in this field.


Medical Offices


 Regency Health has participated as developer or a joint venture partner an over one million SF of medical office facilities in the United States in the last ten years.  

Currently we are constructing over 200,000 SF facilities in Central Florida.  Contents of Proposed Structure

 Interior part ions

 Non-Load/ Load bearing metal

 Framed walls

 Fire rated/smoke part ions  



Proposed Measurements


 Total building Height:   

                                                     30.0 Feet

 Tenant Area:

 Total Area                             10,084 SF

 Surgical Center Area            6,555 SF

 Office Area                            3,529 SF

Shell Ground Floor Total Building Area:

Total Area                                   21,000 SF




 Required exits:                      2

 Provided exits:                      7

 E grease Hallway/Lobby:

One hour rated area

Number of Beds:                         14

 Number of surgery rooms:   2

 Number of endoscopy rooms:         3


Interior Photographs






Why Lake Mary, Florida?

Lake Mary is one of the fastest growing cities in the State of Florida.

Seminole county, a leading role model in economic development in central Florida.


The population of Seminole county in 1980 was 179,752 which increased to reach 398,100 by the year 2004.  Incredible growth.  Over 100% increase in 24 years.


There is no any ambulatory and endoscopy centers in Seminole county and in particular in Lake Mary, Longwood, and Sanford areas.Hospitals in the area are Florida Hospital, Orlando Regional Medical Center and Central Florida Regional Hospital.

All Gastroenterologist in Sanford and Lake Mary are members of the surgical center.

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