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In 1973 Dr. Ashley Ansara immigrated to the United States from Egypt at the age of 22. His dream was to start a holding company with wide variety of investment interest in the area of real estate development and healthcare. Today Regency Holding Corporation does represent his dreams.  We have invested over 30 million dollars on projects in Seminole County, State of Florida alone, concentrating on building and developing properties for the healthcare industry as well as commercial real estate.

Dr. Ansara was honored to receive the following medal of honors:

      A.  Republican Gold Medal 2003 from the National Republican Congressional Committee.
      B.  Ronald Regan Republican Gold Medal from the NRCC and the Republican Party 2005.
      C.  Outstanding Meritorious Service Award from the National Republican Congressional
            Committee 2006.
      D.  Received the 2006 Congressional Medal from the Business Advisory Council of Distinction
            of the National Republican Congressional Committee.


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